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Thank you for purchasing a Reelist Co. fishing rod. We hope you enjoy your new purchase. We do everything we can to ensure the quality of our products, but if something goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.


ReelistCo rods are protected by a one-year limited warranty.  Register your rod within 30 days of purchase by completing the form below and submitting a copy of your dated receipt. You’ll receive a confirmation upon your registration. The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear, lost, broken tips or damaged products. 


If you do have a defective product, do not return to the place of purchase. Contact Reelist Co. directly by sending an email to  You will need to include a photo of the damaged rod and copy of your dated receipt for further instructions.  Once your warranty is confirmed, you’ll receive next steps to return your defective product and receive a new one. 


Ninety-eight percent of all rods are broken by angler misuse.  These undetected breaks occur from often unseen damage.  It is common that these incidental accidents by the angler are often seen as potential manufacturer defects.  All ReelistCo products are put through stringent manufacturing testing standards prior to reaching consumers, and nearly 100% of defects are identified during these tests and these products are not sold to consumers.  The top ¼ of the rod is not covered under our one-year limited warranty.  This type of break will not occur under typical conditions fighting a fish or with regular care and proper storage of the rod.  Given the criteria below, our staff will need to examine all parts of the broken rod to determine if the cause of the break was due to manufacturer defects.         


In the event of an accidental break by the angler, ReelistCo will replace ice rods with no questions asked for $50, given the product has been registered within 30 days of purchase and include a photo a dated sales receipt. 


Types of Common Angler Rod Breaks  


  • Impact Failure:  If the surface area of a rod has been hit on a solid surface such as a boat gunwale, rock, or solid surface it will weaken that section of the rod.  This weakened section can produce a clean break with little to no splittling of the blank around the break.  This break is a result of impact failure related to a previous surface fracture. 


  • High Sticking:  Do not point your rod tip at the sky when there is a fish at the end of the line.  Rods do not like being bent beyond a 90-degree angle.  This break will show that the edges of the break are irregular on the blank and often show blemishes where the break occurred showing weakened fibers.  


  • Crush Failure:  Often occurs when a rod is stepped on, slammed in a door, etc.  This rod will show lengthwise splits along the rod where the crush occurred. 


  • Overloading:  Using the rod past it’s designed limits, i.e., hooking a 50” muskie on an ultralight rod.  This failure will nearly always take place just above the handle,  with 1-2 clear breaks with irregular shearing. 


  • Shear Failures:  These can occur if a rod is repeatedly put away overly stressed or bent when put away putting too much stress and memory on a rod and weakening the strength.  A blemish with a clean break will show where a rod has been repeatedly overstressed.  


  • Twisting Failures:  Can occur if a heavy weight is reeled in opposite of the eyelets the way a rod is meant to be loaded.  Twisting failures can be spotted as the break will be spiraled rather than straight. 


Two percent of all rods are broken because of manufacturer defects. 


Types of Common Manufacturing Defect Examples  


  • Defective Materials:  A bad batch of materials was delivered to ReelistCo which are not up to our quality standards. 


  • Loose Rolling:  If a rod is not wound under sufficient pressure, guides can fail, come loose or separate. 


  • Improper Adhesion: A rod may not have cured long enough for epoxy and adhesion to the handle which could result in a mis manufactured rod. 


  • Other Claims: Reelist will take a customer-centric approach and examine all potential manufacturing defect claims in their entirety and work out amicable outcomes for all parties. 


Please fill out the form below within 30 days of purchase to register your rod for warranty. Once completed, upload your receipt and click submit.

Upload Receipt

You are all set. Welcome to the ReelistCo team!

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